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World class Solution Provider in Identity, Credential and Access Management Solution



EBS as the authorized reseller of i-Sprint


​We are glad to announce Electronic Business Solutions Limited has been appointed as the authorized reseller by i-Sprint.
Established in the year 2000, i-Sprint is a world-class solution provider in Identity, Credential, and Access Management for industries that are security sensitive, require channel monitoring and quality data for better user management.
We enable individuals, organizations, and societies to build trust and identity assurance for powering huge productivity gain through mobile security, digital identity and identity of things – ‘The Force of Identity Plus’.

Product / Solution Planet

AccessMatrix™ Unified Single Sign-On (USSO)

The Unified Single Sign-On Platform for Enterprise, Cloud and Mobile Applications


AccessMatrix™ Unified Single Sign-On (SSO) platform covers Enterprise Single Sign-On (ESSO), Federated Single Sign-On, Web Single Sign-On and Mobile Single Sign-On. It provides Identity Federation platform that supports popular identity protocols e.g. SAML, and OAuth to provide the SSO capabilities for cloud and mobile applications. It is also extensible to embedded strong authentication solutions on the same platform.

AccessMatrix Unified Single Sign-On (SSO) platform covers Enterprise & VDI SSO (ESSO), Cloud SSO/Federated SSO, Web SSO and Mobile SSO


Key Features 
– Sign On to any application
– Web Based Client Interface
– Simple Installation
– Offline Operations
– Application Login Profile Generator
– Web Based Self Service Facility
– ​Powerful Reporting for Audit Events


  • Create user convenience and improve user productivity through faster access to applications and information
  • Enhance security with flexible authentication and audit policy by supporting strong authentication methods and user-centric activity tracking
  • Maximize ROI by reducing help desk costs through reduction of password reset calls and the efforts in consolidating
  • Ensure compliance with powerful reporting capabilities to report user activities and security violations
  • Integrate with existing Infrastructure by leveraging existing authentication methods and user registries
  • Unify SSO infrastructure by providing integration with all leading Web Access Control products to provide a unified SSO environment
  • Centralize Management of Information Access through integration with all provisioning solutions

Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6900 Stackable LAN switches


The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniSwitch™ 6900 Stackable LAN and data center switches are compact, high-density 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) and 40 GigE platforms. In addition to high performance and extremely low latency, they offer VXLAN, OpenFlow, Shortest Path Bridging (SPB), data center bridging (DCB) capabilities, QoS, Layer-2 and Layer-3 switching, as well as system and network level resiliency.
They are designed for the most demanding software-defined operations in virtualized or physical networks and converged data centers. With their modular approach, the OmniSwitch 6900s support lossless configurations and native fibre channel ports for high-speed storage I/O consolidation.
They can be positioned as converged top-of-rack or spine switches in data center environments as well as core and aggregation devices in campus networks.
  • Best choice for core network rightsizing in new and existing converged campus networks. All OmniSwitch 6900 models have a high density of interfaces, a small footprint and a large L2/L3 switching capacity.
  • High availability by power supply redundancy, virtual chassis technology and In Service Software upgrade (ISSU)
  • Flexible deployment in data centers by choice of cooling direction, DC powering, Fiber Channel interfaces and VXLAN gateway in hardware
  • Simplified management through virtual chassis technology where a set of OmniSwitch 6900 switches can be set up as a single switch
  • Reduced efforts to set up Virtual Chassis and networks by the unique Auto-Fabric feature that enables out-of-the-box network deployment without manual CLI programming
  • Reduced efforts to provision other network equipment connectivity by automatically recognizing devices that use standards-based protocols