Digital Transformation

In today’s digital and cloud-based world, it’s hard to keep pace with the market changes if your IT infrastructure doesn’t keep up to date. EBS provides digital transformation services, the cross-disciplinary upgrade comprising analytics, cloud computing, cyber security, digital infrastructure upgrade and regulatory compliance, following these three big principles:

We are here to ride the wave of digital disruption with you to unleash the power in the land of the future and consistently deliver value to your business.

Data Refresh

Data is invaluable to today’s business world in terms of business operation, trend forecast, and growth. The demand for storing vital data has been growing at a striking speed among businesses, as well as the importance to ensure data security and re-generation of this data value.

EBS is well experienced in:

EBS have full range solutions for customer to enrich difference needs and make ultimate the data value.

Cloud Solution

Besides providing cloud computing solutions, EBS understands that with the growing demand for cloud-computing solutions in the market, comes with the obstacles on adoption including difficulties in data migration, lacking supporting in data security control, out-dated infrastructure to name a few.

That’s where our:


Data and information security is gold to a business. Protect yourself and minimize critial data loss from external cyberattacks, internal leakage, power outage and even natural disasters.

We provide fast and reliable professional services on: