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IT PRO Corporate Choice 2016 Award​

Congratulations to EBS and Stratus won the IT PRO Corporate Choice 2016 Award from IT Pro Magazine. Mr. Vincent Law, the Managing Director of Electronic Business Solutions Limited, represented the company and its prestige partner – Stratus, received the trophies from Mr. Henk ten Bos, the Chief Information Officer at FTLife Insurance Company Ltd.. The award ceremony was held at Royal Plaza hotel on 16 December, 2016. The awarded solution – Stratus fault-tolerant servers is the only solution in the marketplace based on industry-standard hardware and software components that proactively prevents downtime and data loss before it occurs, without incurring a performance penalty to applications. Fault-tolerant describes a computer system or component designed so that, in the event that a component fails, a backup component or procedure can immediately take its place with no loss of service. At a hardware level, fault tolerance is achieved by duplexing each hardware component. Disks are mirrored. Multiple processors are “lock-stepped” together and their outputs are compared for correctness. When an anomaly occurs, the faulty component is determined and taken out of service, but the machine continues to function as usual. As the Authorized Gold Partner of Stratus, EBS has been partnering with Stratus on leveraging its abundant IT infrastructure experience, especially in the solution area of Data Protection, Disaster Recovery and IT security. IT PRO Corporate Choices are designed to identify and reward solutions who have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to succeed and have continually set standards of excellence. The annual Awards are elected by the editorial board by means of examination, observation and analysis. Awarded solutions have to be outstanding in terms of its quality, availability, flexibility and environmentally friendliness. For full interview, please visit: ​http://gmeida.com/stratusfaulttolerantftserver/