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  • Dell EMC Data Domain: high-speed deduplication reduces your data as much as 30:1

Dell EMC Data Domain: high-speed deduplication reduces your data as much as 30:1


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Dell EMC Data Domain DD2200 
Industry-leading data protection at entry-level pricing
Efficient deduplication storage for reliable backup, archive, and disaster recovery
​Bring enterprise-class protection storage to small, midsized, and departmental IT environments with a Dell Data Domain DD2200 deduplication storage system. Choose an entry-priced DD2200 configuration for the data protection you need for backup, archiving, and DR.
You can use Data Domain DD2200 as an alternative to a tape strategy for data backup and recovery. Efficient and unique high-speed deduplication reduces your data as much as 30:1. 



Key features


  • Dramatically reduced storage needs, shorter backup and restore windows, and assured data recovery. All of it leads to best-in-class TCO.
  • All Data Domain systems use the Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture for end-to-end data verification and self-healing. Your data stays correct and recoverable.
  • Start small and grow later when you choose the 4 TB DD2200 configuration. Instantly expand with its capacity-on-demand option. 


   Email security challenges we are facing nowadays

  1.  APTs commonly use email for early stages in their advanced attacks.
  2.  Email must do more to address data theft and insider threats.
  3.  Businesses are adopting Office 365 and other cloud-based services to expand and compete.
  4.  Risky user habits can easily lead to security breaches and data loss.
Forcepoint Email Security Cloud (formerly TRITON AP-EMAIL Cloud)
Stop advanced, targeted attacks, identify high risk users and control insider threats




  • Stop targeted attacks and the early stages of advanced persistent threats
  • Secure sensitive data against theft from external attacks and insider threats
  • Safely adopt cloud technologies such as Microsoft Office 365
  • Identify high-risk user behavior and educate users to improve threat awareness


  • Highly accurate, realtime identification and classification of threats using Forcepoint Advanced Classification Engine (ACE)
  • Realtime threat intelligence from the Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence (formerly ThreatSeeker Intelligence Cloud), which gives visibility into current global cyber threat activity
  • Unified management, reporting and dashboards across multiple Forcepoint products
  • File Attachment Wrapping for additional protection against potentially malicious attachments
  • Cloud Data Security is cloud DLP protection for outbound email traffic

Product presentation

Learn about the unique features of DD OS and Data Domain software that have made EMC Data Domain systems the industry leading protection storage for over 12 years.