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Data-first Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)


Accelerates businesses transformation with protecting your business and data uniformly from endpoint to cloud

According to Gartner, in 2021, organizations are embarking on a new way to ensure the safety of their people and their data. Forcepoint Data-first SASE goes beyond just securing access, we put our industry-leading data protection at the center of our SASE platform, giving you unique control over how your data is used even after it is downloaded. With Forcepoint Dynamic Edge Protection (DEP), access to web, cloud, internal apps with safe from advanced threats and data theft.

Protect workers anywhere against advanced threats with cloud-delivered SASE

  • Keep malware out of downloads
  • Eliminate security gaps across web, cloud, networks, private apps
  • Control access based on the risk a resource presents

Prevent loss of data everywhere it’s used, endpoint-to-cloud

  • Write policies once and use a SASE architecture to enforce them everywhere
  • Stop transfers of data with enterprise-grade DLP technology
  • Implement Zero Trust-as-a-service

Reduce complexity and cost with a converged SASE platform

  • Simplify deployment with a unified agent for endpoints
  • Safely connect remote sites to the cloud with secure SD-WAN
  • Automate and personalize enforcement based on risk

​To secure and empower your business with Forcepoint Data-First SASE with Dynamic Edge Protection, contact our specialist for your free consultative session now!