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  • EBS adopted Good Mobile Device Management (MDM) to enable the enterprise mobility of HKMC

EBS adopted Good Mobile Device Management (MDM) to enable the enterprise mobility of HKMC


Our customer is wholly-owned by the HKSAR Government. It strives to offer a reliable source of liquidity to enhance the stability of the banking sector and promotes wider home ownership. This premier institution also helps to facilitate the growth and development of the debt securities and mortgage-backed securities market in Hong Kong.

Due to the rapid rise of mobile penetration, the employees can now access company information through different kinds of mobile devices, such as laptop and cell phone. If all these devices need to be trusted then the management of devices becomes critical when collaborating with another device, system or services. Therefore, our cusotmer is seeking for mobile device management (MDM) to support the complete device lifecycle.

The Solution
Among the many vendors that provide similar kind of solution, Electronic Business Solutions Limited (EBS) selected Good Mobile Device Management (MDM) for the customer. The biggest reason is they can easily control device settings on any managed device, no matter it is corporate liable, BYO (Bring your own) or COPE (corporate owned, personally enabled). It can also ensure safe access to proprietary business information.

Good Mobile Device Management (MDM) permits self-enrollment of iOS and Android devices for us to minimize setup time, increase productivity and reduce support costs. It can automatically configure devices, deploy apps and wipe data if necessary.

Improved Efficiency and Saved Costs
With Good MDM, the customer successfully controlled ongoing support costs as its self-service portal allows users to handle common tasks like add/lock device and password reset immediately on their own. IT department now spent less time supporting and administering devices. As a result, more resources and focus can put on strategic projects.

High Level of Policy Control
Apart from providing the customer with their required management for enrolled devices, Good MDM also offered a rich set of policy controls over password, Wi-Fi, VPN, app whitelisting and blacklisting. Its end-to-end mobile security can encrypt data in transit and store them in secured container on users’ devices to protect company information.

Reporting on Assets and Compliance
The customer found the pre-built charts in Good MDM brought convenience to the tracking of asset-related metrics, such as device status, installed apps and utilization. Its figure can provide visibility into compliance violations as well as audit reports.