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EBS Sharply Enhanced a Famous Banks’ IT Security Level with Tailor-made Integrated Solution


Our customer has been played an important role in China’s financial industry and being as the key foreign financing channel over the hundred years. It provides a comprehensive range of financial services to customers across PRC, HK, Macau, Taiwan and more than 35 countries. Its outstanding performance on corporate and personal banking services built an excellent brand image and recognition within the industry and the public.

Our customer was facing an important issue – data leakage, which can bring serious consequences to the organization. Therefore, the customer strived to find out an effective security solution on managing their staffs’ activities to ensure all sensitive and confidential information will not be exposed.

The Solution
To provide the highest level of security, Electronic Business Solutions Limited (EBS) proposed multiple products that would meet the requirements of customer’s IT department. The first one is Websense Web Security. It provides malware protection and data loss prevention (DLP), real-time security scanning, antivirus, URL filtering, and real-time updates.

The second is Cisco Ironport. It is an email security appliance for scanning, filtering and processing email to remove spam and viruses. It also does content scanning and DLP, handles mail aliases and routing. Following it is Sophos Encryption. It provides fast and secure encryption to protect customer’s data on multiple devices and operating systems, no matter they are reside on laptop, mobile or removable memory. The last one is Radware DefensePro – a world-class distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation that can protect customer’s infrastructure against network and application downtime, network anomalies, information theft and other emerging cyber attacks.

Improved Employees Productivity
With Websense Web Security blocking web threats, the customer not only found a reduction of malware infections, but also decrease in help desk incidents. Now the IT department can free up valuable resources to start up new projects.

Effective Data Protection
The cusotmer reflected Cisco Ironport has a very high spam catch rate and low false-positive rate. It helped them a lot to safeguard their proprietary information. The administrator utilized it to scan for specific information to ensure confidential information will not leave the network.

Centralized Management & Reporting
Sophos Encryption and Radware DefensePro both offered a unified and central management platform for the customer. IT department can now manage their functions and performance, monitor and receive reporting across multiple devices and locations.