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3 quick recommendations against “Wannacry” ransomware



​By now, you had probably heard of “Wannacry”, a computer ransomware that infected millions of computer systems around the globe and shutdown so many different businesses.  However, with all the rumors and news flooding the internet and media, it would be difficult to determine exactly what really happened and what you should do. Our own I.T. experts gives us 3 quick recommendations:

1.  Ensure all Windows-based systems are fully patched, specifically MS17-010 
2.  Update your existing antivirus engine and signature
3.  Make sure your data protection strategy is in place 

We have one more recommendation, that is: To have a discussion with an I.T. security experts, with years of experiences to figure it out what to do next. Electronic Business Solutions Limited have been dealing with Ransomware and Malicious attacks for over a decade, we have a team of Security Experts and consultants that can help you prevent an attack that might happens to your organization and well planned ahead in the coming future.